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If you have started running recently or want to improve the level of your training, you may have queries as to how often you should be running. The most important advice you should listen to is that there should always be a balance between your running and your rest. If you get little or no rest at all, your running will be affected since your muscles won’t get any time to recuperate and rebuild after heavy exercise. So, resting is very essential for the success of any workout plan.

If you are one of the beginners, you should be running 3-4 days a week, according to what most of the experts say. You can run five days a week only if you have been running for a while and are aware of how to pace yourself. However, it is recommended that you run only 3-4 days and do cross-training sessions on 1-2 days a week.

In cross training, you can do cycling, swimming, jogging, weight training, strength exercises or many other physical activities. Out of these, select the one which you enjoy the best. But always remember to take an adequate break from running and training to rest – for at least a day in a week. You should not wear yourself out because then your body will be at risk of injury and burnout; your muscles will not be getting enough rest to recover.

If you have found running quite overwhelming and are thinking of exerting more effort, just don’t. Even if you can. The reason is that any new exercise started must be taken up slowly and steadily. Stepping up gradually is very important to remain consistent in any physical activity.

If you have problems planning the right schedule, you can also get help of many amazing apps available out there. One such app is Couch to 5K program which will have you get combination of walking and running done for half an hour three to four days a week. It is a great app that has guided many people already in walking and running schedules.

Also, if the very idea of doing extra training programs scares you, then don’t venture into doing one. Even if doing extra laps makes you lazy and want to remain in your couch, then don’t do them. However, do stick to what you have already planned and what is necessary. You will see that as the days pass by, you will start craving your runs. And once you have your stamina well-built, you can start adding extra training programs to your routine.

So if your question is that how often I should run, then the best answer is 3-4 days a week with a day or two for extra training. But there should be at least one complete day for rest.