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Whether you are just looking to complete your first marathon, or are looking to improve your personal best time (PR).

  1. Keep a training log – daily, mileage, intensity
  2. Increase your mileage by increasing the number of days, before you increase your distance
  3. Keep a conversation pace – meaning you can easily hold a conversation while running
  4. Increase your easy miles, to avoid injuries
  5. Get good gear
  6. Keep good running form
  7. Do key half-marathon workouts
    1. Add in Tempo Runs – 85-90%% of max heart rate for 20 min or 3 miles
    2. Add long-runs – one day a week that is significantly longer than your other days
    3. Add intervals – 30(seconds)/50%(max speed), slow 90 seconds | 30/75%, slow 90 seconds | 30/100%, slow 90 seconds(repeat 4 times)